Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hey, so I posted a bunch of new stuff on my website:
There is a new section called "Pre-vis" where we built some early set designs for Medal of Honor: Airborne to assist the game designers in getting the level rolling and to define the theme for some of the areas. (quicktime fly thru over rough geo env.)

I also added another section called "Production Design". I put a bunch of the pre-production design work that I Art Directed and created for Medal of Honor on this page. It's kind of a walk through of the creative process we used on MOHA (and that I still use today) If you click the "slideshow" option you'll get to see the images full screen. :)

I adjusted most of the pages on the site so by clicking on "Play slide show" will display the images show up much larger. There are still some images that are still kind of small. I hope to load the in at a higher res... some time in the future. (heh)

I have a bunch of digital life drawings that I can add to the site as well, if anyone is interested. I've posted a few of the newer digital sketches on my Facebook photos section, but you have to friend me to see them. :)

I hope you enjoy looking at the new stuff on the website! I still have a couple of boxes of the old stuff (a lot of Shrek storyboards) that need to be sorted out before I can post them ...(so lazy).

-Ken h

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