Sunday, August 10, 2008

                                             Harsha/© Walt Disney
 ...a few images from when I was working as a visual development artist for WDFA. 


Ally said...

Wonderful pics!

I love it!

Thank you very much mister Harsha! You are a great artist!

Please, if possible, could you tell me something about the storyline of "The Goose Chase"?

I had discover that you worked also on Disney's "Snow Queen" and Disney's "The Fool's errand"... it's amazing! Could you tell me also something about this project? I'm too curious!

Thank you very much by advance.



Ken H. said...

Hi Ally,
"Goose chase" is a book written by Patrice Kendal(sp). We were exploring doing an adaptation of the story as an animated film.
It was a fun project but may have been deemed to close to "Rapunzel" in content so it got put on the shelf.

I'm not at liberty to talk in much depth about any of the other projects I worked on in development at Disney. I will say this though, my favorite project that I got to spend some time on was "Abarat" by Clive Barker. It's quite an interesting series of books he has written. I got to do some development work based on the story before it was published. Disney had optioned the property but my guess is that the subject matter was a bit darker and grittier than they were looking for.... Maybe some day.

Currently I'm super busy of late finishing up art directing my 4th video game for EA. 12-16-08.


Ally said...

Thank you very much for the answer, dear Ken!

I really appreciate it too much.

You are a very nice person.

I didn't know the novel "Goose Chase". Today I had read something on the web about this book and I think it's a very interesting story.

Also Abarat seems a very interesting project. It's a great story...

Thank you again.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.